Our Services: Reliable and Individual


We would be happy to provide you with details about our services. Contact us at 610 529-5535 or use our contact form.

Although we specialize in repairs to cemetery machinery and equipment, we are a company that offers a wide variety of services.


We provide fast and convienent service seven days a week. No need to worry, we are fully insured!


Some of our services and equipment include:


golf carts and utility vehicle


stationary equipment


material handling equipment


grounds equipment


chippers and stump grinders


cemetery equipment and machinery


Mausoleum Lifts


Lowering Devices


Cemetery vault & lid lifting gear


onsite machinery maintenance


minor repairs


preventive maintenance


fluid analysis


flush fuel tanks


flush hydraulic systems


weld repairs


glass and winshield repairs


Business we suggest

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Conway Power and Equipment
Kubota, Scag, Exmark - Excellent service, knowledgeable and helpful
Baird & Rudolph Tire Company
Commercial, off road, and heavy equipment tire service.
Excel Hydraulics
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R.E. Littles' John Deere
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