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Welcome to our new customer, Life Safety Fire and Security - Thank you for selecting us to help you with your fire pump manentenance and repair needs


Now offering onsite fire pump maintenance, pump seal maintenance and diesel PM service!!

Don't wait for a failure, call for free inspection and report.



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Vault Sling Lift

All welded construction, steel tubing with high grade wire rope, length at your request.

Vault Sling

All welded construction, steel tubing with high grade wire rope, length at your request.

Vault cover lift

Heavy duty lifting eye, four 5/16" chains with attached grap hooks.

Casket and Greens Carts

Bucket Repairs

Bucket Repairs

Bucket Repairs

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New offering to our  customers: 

Fire pump maintenance and repairs


Now offering to our cemetery customers:

We now offer a full line of customisable lifting assemblies both chain and wire sling assemblies.  Our products use higher grade chains and wires for longer and more durable lifetime usage. They can be manufactured to your requirements.  We also have ground probes and layout stakes. We repair ground greens carts and trailers. Along with this, we also can provide service and onsite mechanical and weld repairs to your equipment (mausoleum lifts, grounds equipment, utility vehicles)


Now offering valt lifting chain assemblies:

We now manufacture lifting assemblies for lifting and installing concrete vaults and lid.  Assemblies are good for lifting over 3000 lbs.


Now offering onsite weld repairs:

We now can offer onsite welding repair services by certified welder.


Now offering onsite glass and windshield repairs:

We can now offer onsite repairs or replacement to all your equipment glass or winshield problems.  Work performed by certified technician.  In some case, your insurance may cover the cost.  Call for free estimate.


Now offering onsite fluid analysis and flushing of fuel tanks and hydraulic systems:

If your experiencing excessive water or sediment in your fuel or hydraulic system, we can help.  In most cases your equipments fuel tank and hydraulic system can be flushed in place.  This will save the cost of draining and discarding your fuel or hydraulic fluid.  The existing fluids can be filtered, water and /or debris removed and returned to your tank or system. Call for a free estimate.


Now offering repair and maintenance of cemetery mausoleum lifts:

For our cemetery customers, we now offer repair and maintenance for your mausoleum lift equipment. We offer immediate emergency repairs if required.  We can perform inspections and issue reports to inform you of any potential problems, reducing the chance of a failure at a crucial time.


New Business Hours

We have changed our business hours to even better meet our customers' needs.  Now we are here for you at the following hours:

24 hours 7 days a week


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We look forward to welcoming you at our new website. Now we are able to provide you with up-to-date information online!





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